Need for speed wouldn’t be the first property to feature stylistic choices reminiscent of popular anime shows, and it won’t be the last.

So it’s quite intriguing to learn that according to Jeff Grubbthe aesthetic look of the following Need for speed game has some “anime elements”.

“It’s going to be photo-realistic, but there’s anime elements on top of that,” Grubb said on his giant bomb show Grubbsnax, via VGC

He further clarified that by saying, “You know when you see a car commercial or something like that and the car is driving around, cartoon flames and stuff fly out? That’s the kind of aesthetic they seem to be going for.”

In addition, Grubb claimed that the game is set in a fictional version of Chicago called Lake Shore Cityand that autolog returns to multiplayer so you can customize your car the way you want.

Last week Grubb reported that the game will no longer be released on PS4and is only available on PS5 and other current generation devices.

Source – [VGC]

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