dragon flight open for pre-orders this week, and the last one World of Warcraft extension continues the trend of previous extensions and offers a physical Collector’s Edition also. While the price tag is significant – $130 excluding shipping and US taxes – it includes all the digital rewards you get with the epic editionso you’re basically paying $40 extra (plus shipping and taxes) for the physical rewards.

Included in the Collector’s Edition are a hardcover artbook (which was previously absent for Battle for Azeroth but luckily made it back for Shadowlands), a mouse pad with the Alexstrasza key art and pins for each of the five dragon flights. While the mouse pad may seem like an odd choice in 2022, it’s a regular feature of Collector’s Editions (again, with the exception of the Battle for Azeroth version) so it’s no surprise to see it here.

The only recurring problem with investing in a Collector’s Edition is that you have to wait to receive it in order to apply the code for the digital rewards. To help players who don’t want to wait for the pre-order benefits, Socialwill automatically apply to your Socialbalance initial digital pre-order fee – it’s important to note that if you pre-purchase a Base or Heroic Edition, you don’t have to upgrade as you won’t get the upgrade fee back – once you enter the digital code included in the Collector’s Edition. Because of this, you can now take advantage of the level 60 boost or the free monthly subscription (and show off all the cool new mounts and transmog, of course) instead of waiting for the Collector’s Edition to arrive at your door.

Of course, this all depends on whether or not you have the money available to cover the cost of a dragon flight pre-order when picking up the Collector’s Edition. Plus, it’s not ideal to have the money go into a Socialaccount instead of getting an actual refund, so make sure you have plans to sign up or otherwise use the money so they don’t be lost. Frankly, I’m not sure why Socialisn’t able to coordinate with their store so pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition can automatically apply the Epic Edition to your account if you use the latter to log in. While I’m sure they’re concerned about cancellations, they already have the tools available to remove digital rewards from accounts if they’re no longer eligible.

Hopefully, before the next expansion comes, this process will be easier and a lot cheaper.

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