Gambling and gaming are very similar activities, but there are some differences. One of the main differences between gambling and gaming is that in gambling the outcome is usually achieved through luck while in gaming the outcome is generally dependent on skill. At the same time, both chance and skill play a role in games of chance and games of chance.

When it comes to the blooming Finnish online casino industry, use the term gaming or iGaming, which also applies to any online casino market. Many video game activities that Finns enjoy include some gambling features, and many gambling activities include game features, so there is a clear overlap between the two moves. An example of gaming with gambling features is a game full of one or more mini-games that have similarities to online casino games.

Video games may also feature pick-me prizes that players can access by spending real money. Loot boxes, as they may be called, are very popular in the video game industry. An example of an online casino game inspired by video games is a slot game inspired by a popular video game. In any case, the convergence of games of chance and games of chance leads to a significantly higher level of participation, which also applies to the Finnish video gaming and gambling industry. We also compare statistics for: Finnish Online Casinos with video game statistics to see which activity is most common among Finns.

Increasing popularity of Finnish online casinos among players

When it comes to online casinos in FinlandiGaming sites are suitable for Finnish players, even though no third-party gaming licenses are issued to international online casinos† The best online casinos in Finland are licensed by non-Finnish regulatory authorities for iGaming. As of today, RAY and PAF are the only ones online casinos in Finland that are recognized by the government. RAY is also a well-known name in the Finnish land-based casino industry, while PAF has a monopoly on online gambling.

While Finland is home to strict iGaming laws and regulations, international online casinos serve Finns. For more information, go to this detailed guide On Finnish Online Casinos† As in all other European countries where online casinos can operate legally, online casinos in Finland have grown in popularity in recent years. According to a 2017 report on the Finnish gambling industry, most Finnish online casino players were manual workers, followed by upper and lower level employees. According to the same report, elderly people are the lowest number of Finnish gamblers.

When it comes to gender statistics, about 20% of the female population gambles online casinos† At the same time, about 27% of the male population in Finland are online gamblers. As mentioned before, gambling activities in the country are monopolized by RAY, PAF and two other companies, Fintoto Oy and Veikkaus Oy. Yet the best online casinos catering to Finns are owned and operated by non-Finnish companies. Even if these four entities continue to dominate the industry, best online casinos in finland are likely to be internationally owned gambling sites.

Other betting stats in Finland

According to this DataReportal messageFinland has a population of 5.5 million, as estimated in January 2022. The country’s population has increased by about 0.1% percent in twelve months. About 78% of the country’s population is engaged in gambling activities, according to statistics revealed in 2021, and the most popular form of gambling is iGaming or online casinos† A survey by Statistics Finland in 2019 suggested that over the past year (2018) gambling prevalence in Finland was around 78.4%. It should be noted that 3,994 Finns participated in this study.

The same study also found that the prevalence of online gambling in the last year (2018) in Finland was around 36.3%. In addition, the prevalence of problem gambling in Finland was about 3% in 2018. The same report from Statistics Finland revealed that scratch cards, lottery games and slots were the most popular gambling activities among Finns in 2018. A 2017 Statista report showed that 27% of the male and 10% of the female population engaged in online gambling.

In 2021, Veikkaus Oy, the only provider of online gambling in Finland, generated gross revenues of approximately €1.1 million. At the same time, the Finnish offshore online gambling market has accounted for about 30% of the country’s gross gaming revenues over the past ten years. The total Finnish gambling world is estimated to be around €780 million, and the vast majority of gross gambling revenues are generated by: online casinos and other online gambling companies.

Finnish Gaming Market Statistics

At the end of 2020, there were about 2.8 million video gamers in the country. In essence, about half of the total population is made up of video gamers. Also, by 2020, the country’s growing video game market is estimated to collect more than $435 million in gross revenue. As shown by a survey of the most popular game options among Finns, about 86% of Finnish gamers play their favorite games on their mobile devices.

The same survey also found that about 77% of Finns play video games on their PC devices and about 76% of them on game consoles. Mobile gaming is the most popular activity in most European video game markets, as is Finland. In the case of Finland, this is not surprising as it is home to some of the most successful mobile game developers, including Seriously Digital Entertainment, Supercell and Rovio.

Also, about 93% of female and 81% of male gamers enjoy mobile gaming. About 68% of female and 84% of male gamers prefer gaming on their PC. Console gaming is popular among 68% of women and about 81% of male gamers in Finland. When it comes to the most popular games, Candy Crush Saga leads the way in the mobile video game market. Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are the most popular games among those playing on PCs and consoles.

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