Clayne Crawford Reveals How He Befriended Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Exclusive

As a producer, Clayne Crawford takes control of his career, which means he needs to have a greater say in hiring exciting actors, directors, and writers for the projects he creates. For his new movie, “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers‘, Crawford reunites with director Robert Machoian, who was also responsible for 2020’s ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’. When it came to his indie film co-stars, Crawford instinctively knew that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jordana Brewster were perfect. would be.

Set entirely in Crawford’s Alabama hometown, The Integrity of Joseph Chambers centers on a family man who struggles with his own masculinity and his ability to protect his family. While Brewster plays Crawford’s wife in the film, Morgan is the local police chief. About the film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, Crawford tells The List: “As a producer, I want to make sure we’re building a series of unique, different films as I build Back 40 Pictures. I don’t fall into the same category every time.”

In an exclusive interview with The List, Clayne Crawford reveals how he befriended Jeffrey Dean Morgan and enlisted him to appear in “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife helped set up this special bromance

Clayne Crawford loved working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on ‘The Integrity of Joseph Chambers’, thanks to ‘One Tree Hill’ star Hilarie Burton Morgan. As Crawford reveals to The List, “Jeff’s wife, Hilarie, was there” [‘Lethal Weapon’] set with me. [That is] another incredible band. I love her dearly and I was able to meet Jeff a few years ago and understand why she fell in love with him.” He continues, “He has such a big, beautiful heart and he loves to play. He likes to create and be an actor, which is exciting.”

Crawford not only forged an immediate bond with Morgan, but also reunited with his former “Lethal Weapon” co-star, Jordana Brewster, for the new film. “I’m thankful they both said yes and came out during a dadgum pandemic in central Alabama,” he explains. “It was wonderful, and I’m glad Jeff and I got to play together, because we’ve been talking about doing it for a while.”

Fans of both Crawford and Morgan will hope this isn’t the pair’s first and last collaboration, and Crawford feels exactly the same. “Now I’m trying to find something where we can have a little more screen time together,” says the “A Walk to Remember” actor. “I had Jeff in Birmingham for 24 hours. I flew him in, I shot him, and then we flew his ass back home… I thought, ‘We must be bank robbers or do something, man, [where] we’re together throughout the film.’ We’ll discuss that and figure out what that path looks like.”

“The Integrity of Joseph Chambers” premiered on June 9, 2022 at the Tribeca Film Festival and beyond Tribeca Home

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