Brad Pitt hints at announcement that will certainly disappoint fans

Brad Pitt has had an iconic career in Hollywood as a leading man. However, after decades of memorable roles, Pitt didn’t get his first Academy Award for acting until 2020 when he won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.” He played Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton stuntman and screamed at the film’s lead during his acceptance speech. “Leo, I’ll be riding your jacket every day, man. The view is fantastic,” Pitt said, per Deadline† It was the ‘Ad Astra’ star’s first Oscar for acting, but he previously won one for creating ’12 Years A Slave’ with his production company Plan B.

A few years after his Oscar win, Pitt took on another non-starring role in “The Lost City,” where he played mercenary Jack Trainer for an extended cameo. The film’s directors, Adam and Aaron Nee, were understandably excited to have Pitt on board. “Once we knew we had Brad in the movie, we were like, ‘We’re going to suck up every minute of this guy’s time,'” Adam shared. Weekly entertainment in March.

It was “The Lost City” star Sandra Bullock who recruited Pitt to appear in the film for the small role. Technically, the actor used a proxy, because her hairstylist was working with Pitt on another project and asked him, as Bullock told Additional in March. Just months after the cameo, Pitt hinted at a career switch.

Why Brad Pitt Should Quit Acting?

Brad Pitt has been a household name since the early ’90s, and while he’s become almost synonymous with Hollywood, the A-lister recently spoke of his career nearing its end. “I consider myself on my last leg,” the actor of “Inglourious Basterds” told GQ in an interview published on June 22. “This last semester or trimester. What will this part be? And how do I want to shape it?” he added. While Pitt didn’t explicitly state that he was retiring from acting, he did say he was quitting in the past.

In 2019, the ‘World War Z’ star spoke about the end of the acting chapter of his career. “I don’t know. I like doing other things,” he told People at the time. Pitt said he didn’t have a grandiose exit strategy from the big screen. “I think one day I will just wake up and it will happen organically. Maybe I won’t wake up and that’s why it will happen,” the actor added.

Perhaps Pitt would continue to play minor roles as he crossed his career. “It’s going to get less and less for me just because I now have other things I want to do,” he said. The New York Times in 2019. The co-founder of Plan B talked about his love for working within the production company. “I’m behind the camera on the producing side and I really enjoy that,” he said GQ Australia† Pitt also added that acting was “a younger man’s game.”

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