Blake Lively’s real name isn’t what you think

Actor Blake Lively is known for her starring status as well as her sense of beauty and fashion. The “Gossip Girl” alum pretty much always stays at the top of the best dressed lists on all the red carpets and especially at the Met Gala. Her starring roles in films like “The Age of Adeline” and “The Shallows” have made her a regular at the box office. In addition, Lively’s fans love her marriage to ‘Deadpool’ actor Ryan Reynolds and the family they have built along with their three children James, Inez and Betty.

One of the things that contribute to Lively’s star power is her name itself. Come on, “Blake Lively” is pretty cool when you hear it first! But it turns out that Lively’s notable name isn’t exactly what it says on her birth certificate. Other starlets, such as Jennifer Aniston, have changed their names as they rose to fame for various reasons.

And for Lively, her famous last name has a complicated history.

Blake Lively’s last name is Brown…technically

That’s right, actor Blake Lively’s real name is Blake Ellender Brown. But where does “Vivid” come from? And why is her real last name Brown when her father’s last name is Lively too?

Well, here’s the glitch. Blake’s mother, Elaine, was first married to a man named Ronnie Lively, per IMDb† Elaine had three children with Ronnie, all with the last name Lively – named Robyn, Lori and Jason. After Elaine and her first husband separated, she remarried in 1979 to actor Ernie Brown. Remarkably, Ernie adopted all three of Elaine’s children and changed his name to Elaine’s married name, Lively, per Elle† The couple then had two children of their own, Eric in 1981 and Blake in 1987.

So while Blake’s last name is technically Brown, since that’s the name her father was given at birth, it’s clear that Ernie wanted to merge their two families and unite them by their last name. Plus, Blake’s dad had a… fertile acting career before bursting onto the screen and Elaine was a talent manager so the name Lively has a storied past in Hollywood.

Blake Lively continues to honor her father and his name

Although Ernie Lively changed his birth name after he married Blake Lively’s mother, Blake is determined to honor his name in many different ways. Sadly, Ernie passed away in June 2021 due to heart complications at the age of 74. His death was heartbreaking for Blake, who went on to look for ways to celebrate her father in her own way. The opportunity arose when Blake started her non-alcoholic beverage line in September 2021, just a few months after her father’s death. She decided to name her new brand, Betty Buzz, which Blake explained: We Weekly was a nod to her father’s family.

†[Ernie] gave up his last name when he married my mother, [Elaine Lively], and any success he or I have experienced has been in a name that isn’t his,” Blake said. “So when I was working hard building this business, I wanted every success to be in a name. was meaningful to him. Betty was his mother’s and his sister’s name.” She also joked, “Ernie wouldn’t be the best name for a mixer.”

Blake and her husband also named their youngest daughter, who was born in 2019, Betty. This is certainly a touching way for the star to keep her father’s family name alive.

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