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You often hear about the biggest Netflix shows and movies, whether that’s something like BridgertonWeird stuffand Squid Game set viewer records. You’ll also hear about the critically acclaimed Netflix series and movies that are touted by Netflix and the press, but often flops don’t. Here’s our pick of the biggest Netflix flops of 2022 (so far).

How do we define a flop? Well, we’re going to do it mainly in two ways. These titles either had poor viewership or were critically panned (or even both).

large insect

big bug netflix flop 2022

Netflix has gone through some expensive big swings over the years, often with big budgets for proven names and earlier this year saw the highly anticipated title from Jean-Pierre Jeunet (best known for the cult classic Amelie) and the results were… mixed.

The number of viewers in the Netflix top 10 per hour wasn’t terrible: 4.4 million hours watched in week 1 and 8.1 million in week two before stopping. It also featured in many top 10s, but the film’s long-term impact is what matters here.

Reviews are what really put this movie on this list, with a poor 44% of critics holding the consensus on RT as “Jeunet fans will find the quirkiness they look for in BigBug, although it’s not enough to make this hodgepodge more than with intervals to make endearing.”

russian doll

russian doll season 2 netflix flop

Russian doll – Photo: Netflix

This is a controversial one. After all, Netflix is ​​rightly pitching the series to Emmy voters, and critics all fell in love with the show again, but the problem with russian doll lies with viewers or more to the point, lack of.

Netflix top 10s allow us to see what’s hot on the service and their new global top 10 published every Tuesday gives us hourly data. the problem with russian doll is that it wasn’t in the top 10. Not at all. Even with raw top 10 data, the picture for the show’s viewership looks bleak. it alone 3 days managed in the US TV top 10s before disappearing for good.

Was the show too slow to return to our screens? Was the audience for season 1 happy with the story and not craved for more? You can be the judge there.

the quintet

pentaverate netflix flop

Checking both boxes, both critically panned and low on viewers, Mike Myers’ big return to screens is sadly a big flop.

In the series, Myers played many different characters in a comedy series that lasted 6 episodes (a decision about the future has yet to be officially announced, although it is not expected to return).

Reporting from The Information puts this title on a so-called “Ted Tax” with some projects being given the green light, despite many even within Netflix being skeptical of the project’s potential success.

space power (Season 2)

space force season 2 netflix flop 2022

Space Force – Photo: Netflix

Greg Daniels’ big new show, in which he teamed up again with Steve Carrell of The Office, generated a lot of hype in the first season. While it certainly didn’t live up to many people’s expectations, it clearly sparked enough interest for Netflix to have a second and more trimmed-down season 2 made.

Season 2 received far more positive reviews from critics than the first season (season 2 is at 90% on RottenTomatoes vs 39% for season 1) but where it really fell down was the viewership. It clocked in at just a meager 12 million hours in its first week before disappearing for good.

Of course, the biggest cashier in space power What made it a flop this time around was the fact that it was eventually cancelled, meaning we won’t be returning for a third season.

tall girl 2

tall girl 2 netflix flop 2022

Like another movie sequel that we’ll include later on this list, Tall Girl 2 was the result of the unexpectedly good viewership overcoming the bad reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The number of viewers in the first three weeks exceeded 50 million watched hours worldwide, but according to Google Trends, the interest in the title was about half of the first movie

Add to that the fact that the second film again received bad reviews, with only a 35 on Metacritic (out of 100) and a 4.7 on IMDb.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw carnage netflix flop of 2022

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Photo: Netflix

Every iconic horror franchise has had its fair share of terrible movies, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre included, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still fun to watch. But the sequel to the 1974 horror classic, which has aptly been given the same title as its predecessor, is just a horribly made movie, which is why it was critically panned and made it to this flop list. While there are many movies in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including a host of extremely bad sequels, prequels, and reboots, the 2022 Texas Chainsaw Massacre takes the crown as the franchise’s very worst movie.

Sally Hardesty is no Laurie Strode, and while Leatherface is just as iconic a horror villain as Michael Myers, Hardesty and Leatherface don’t share the same gory history as Strode and Myers. By futilely trying to replicate one of the most iconic rivalries in horror history by forcing us to believe that Hardesty is a shotgun-wielding badass determined to exact revenge (and the movie’s subplot to boot) made a already weak film dead on arrival.

365: this day

365 days part 2 this day netflix flop 2022

As with many of the titles on this list, you could say that this one is pretty loud. In this case, you could argue that “obviously the second movie wasn’t as great as the first, given how weird the first movies got to be famous were,” but since Netflix is ​​hooked on both this second and third movies (due to release in August 2022) we’re going to record it.

The figures of the first weeks for 365 days: this day were impressive, but it went downhill fast from there. In both Weeks 1 through 2 and Weeks 2 through 3, the film saw a 60% decrease in viewing hours. All this tells us that the popularity of the first movie was actually due to the fact that no one had anything better to do.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Youth

apollo 10 12 a space age youth netflix movie

It pains us to have to put this movie on the flop because it’s certainly not because it’s a bad movie, but because it made such a small impact on the ratings than it should have been. It is the great new animated film from Richard Linklater (known for boyhood) and voiced by Jack Black and Zachary Levi who told the story of the Apollo mission and how a young boy witnessed and was changed by the historical event.

Unfortunately, the audience did not show up for the film. Not at all. The show didn’t make the top 10 worldwide in terms of viewership and perhaps worse, didn’t even make the top 10 movie of any region in the world.


marmaduke netflix

Marmaduke – Photo: Netflix

Adapted from a classic cartoon, reading reviews for this animated movie leads me to believe that watching this movie is akin to abuse. It has one of the worst RottenTomatoes ratings of the year with a 0% and a 20% of audience and more on IMDb. It has one of the worst scores of the year with just a 3.9.

Despite all this, on the viewership front, marmaduke actually didn’t do too bad clocking in at 29.52 million hours viewed in its first three weeks.

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Have we ruled out major Netflix flops of 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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