Newcastle is a support legend which provides shields and protection to both himself and his teammates. While Newcastle can also use many of his skills offensively, he is one of the most versatile Legends and a great addition to any team. Although, players have recently discovered Newcastle was originally very different from what was released in Season 13

like lifeline, Newcastle has a passive ability that makes reviving teammates easier. Newcastle’s Retrieve the Wounded allows players to drag allies while being revived, while also providing a shield for protection. This allows Newcastle to quickly move downed teammates out of danger. The shield’s power is based on Newcastle’s equipped Knockdown Shield. So teams should prioritize matching Newcastle with an epic or legendary Knockdown shield.

Newcastle’s tactical skill, mobile shield is his bread and butter. Newcastle ejects a moving energy shield that nullifies incoming damage. After the shield is thrown, players can redirect it at any time by pressing the Tactical Ability button. Enemies can break the shield, but it has a sizable 350 HP on the top half and 300 HP on the bottom half. And because the shield has a low cool-down time of 11 seconds, it’s incredibly strong.

Finally, Newcastle’s Ultimate, Castle Wall, makes him jump to an ally or target area, creating a fortified structure. The fortress in question is a semicircular wall that can be vaulted. However, when enemies try to jump over the fortress, they are stunned at 17 damage. In closed spaces, the castle wall shines as it prevents enemies from penetrating through doorways and tight areas. In addition, the walls are difficult to shoot through, as they have about 750 horsepower.

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