A viral photo of Barron Trump has everyone saying the same thing

The children of former President Donald Trump were constantly in the headlines during his tenure. Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. played an important role in their father’s governance and campaigning, although none of them had any political background and giving his children such high-profile jobs led to nepotism claims (via USA today† Though they were under constant scrutiny by both the press and the public, the Trump kids never lost their titles or campaign clout — and though their father is now out of office — the Trump kids remain active both in the headlines. as well as on social media.

In fact, Ivanka has been on the air lately to give her testimony before the January 6 committee. As noted by The New York Timesthe former White House adviser appeared before the bipartisan panel and confessed that she tried to get her father to call off the violent protesters on that fateful day.

Given the prevalence of his oldest children, you would think that all of Donald’s children would attract the same amount of public attention. However, there was one child who was too young to serve in the government and kept himself relatively inconspicuous: Barron Trump, whom the president calls “little Donald.” He was only 12 years old when his father became president (per City & Country† Now the youngest of the Trump brood is a teenager, and a recent photo of him has Twitter talking.

Twitter couldn’t help but weigh in on a new photo of Barron

Barron Trump, the youngest child of former President Donald Trump, has been able to stay out of the public eye more than his older siblings. Both Donald and Melania Trump did their best to keep him out of the limelight as much as possible, but that task was quite difficult with such a high-profile job (per Hello! Magazine† As the only child shared between Donald and Melania and much younger than the rest of the Trump brood, a level of privacy was reserved for the teen during those years in the White House.

However, a new photo of Barron has surfaced that has everyone on Twitter saying the same thing. The photo was posted on the platform by BW Carlin, who wrote: “Barron Trump looks like two kids in a trench coat,” while the teen posed with a woman and looked twice as tall. A user agreed“Barron looks like what you would get if you put Donald Trump on a rack and stretch him…” while another said:“This photo looks fake. He didn’t have those hips the last time I saw him.”

Barron looks really tall in this photo, but that’s not surprising since he’s six feet (according to the New York Post

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